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    Welcome to the United Pentecostal Church of Ceres, also known as The Pentecostals of Ceres. We're glad that you've taken the time to visit our webpage. Our prayer is that each person that makes any kind of contact with us will be impacted dramatically. It is our desire to "Bring Hope to Our Community."
    When you walk through the doors of our Church you will be greeted with a firm handshake and a welcoming smile. For over 50 years this Church has strived to be a group of people that wants you to know that someone cares, God cares and we care. Through the many ministries that are active in our Church we intend to bring hope to Ceres and the surrounding areas. It is our goal to touch as many lives as possible with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    We invite you to take a little time and click through the links that are listed in this site (especially the calender of events). We have a group of people that love God, His work and His people.
    Pastor Hanks
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