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What to expect.

From the very moment that our service begins, you’ll find that we love to worship the Lord. We have anointed musicians and singers that have a heart for worship, and they love what they do! WE CLAP OUR HANDS and we lift up our voices in praise to our savior (Psalms 47:1). WE SING UNTO THE LORD with everything we’ve got (Psalms 95:1). WE LIFT OUR HANDS AND VOICES as we praise and worship the Lord (Psalms 134:2).

While many of the people of POC are very passionate and exuberant worshipers, we understand that some are more comfortable worshiping softly. The most important thing is that we worship the Lord!

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

11:00 am

Tuesday Breakouts

7:30 pm

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